We should perhaps tell you about all the research that went into it, the countless clinical trials, the all-natural, organically sourced, kale-approved, tree-hugging ingredients we used, the fact that we did not test it on any animals (unless you include a couple of bureaucrats we sacrificed), and all the good that this cream does to your epidermis, on the surface and beneath - but we won’t. It’s too damn boring.

What we will tell you is that this cream just works.

Our legal team has advised us to avoid declaring this as the fountain of youth, but what do you call something that’s just that? I guess YOUTH.

Your grandmother always said that red wine is good for you. And it’s true, but you have to drink 1.000 glasses of wine per day. Or one pill of pure Resveratrol. You choose.

Maybe the trick is to take a pill and a glass of wine, but we don’t recommend that…

Equipped with a knife, Bear Grills’ ‘Guide to Survival - Celebrity Edition‘, and an iPhone, we embarked on a journey of discovery, worthy of a Sir Fiennes or even Attenborough. Who knew that deep in the forests we would find a tree. But it was not just any tree, it was a tree with magical healing properties. Legend has it that those who ingest its oaky nectar become… Well… that’s for us to know and for you to find out.
Ask not what these can do for you (surely you know by now), ask what you can do for them. Buying them is definitely an option, as all good things come in threes.
One will make you younger, one will make you better, one will make you healthier and one will make you look so damn good! So start feeling younger, better, and stronger - one Rule at a time 😉

Our Vision

A world where we live for a 1,000 years.

We are not there yet, but we are definitely going there – we’ll make sure of it. So have no fear, Superhuman.me is here. We have done our research and uncovered the new things that can push our lifespan and health-span past the 120-year mark.

Longevity is the name of the game – Superhuman.me is focused on extending your lifespan in a way that will help you feel stronger, healthier, and happier, for longer. How are we going to get you there? First, let’s get you in the routine of taking care of your body, inside and out. We have developed pure, all-natural products, made from the finest ingredients, that are going to kickstart your longevity journey by helping you feel and look better than ever.

But this is just the beginning. Read our full story to discover what secret projects we’re working on that are going to help you become superhuman.


Our ingenious plan is really simple. Well…… simple-ish

Step N°1


Introducing products that crusade in your honour on the battlefield of our largest organ – in case you missed that, the largest organ is the skin. These products will fight your daily battle of stress, pollution, dryness, and ageing.

What’s the point of living “forever“, if we can’t look as good as we feel? That’s why our step N° 1 is all about looking better, for longer.

Step N°2


All form and no content? Not on our watch! It’s time to tackle the problems from within.

With 37 trillion cells in your body, you are equipped with a faithful army fighting for your tomorrow. But are you absolutely sure that all of them are capable of fighting the fight against ageing? Are you sure they all have the necessary ammunition to win the war? As amazing as your body is, it needs a little help from you to feel better, stronger and healthier.

That’s why our step N° 2 is all about feeling better & giving our body everything it needs.

Step N°3


Our first two rules have been designed to help you look good and feel better, but we’ve only scratched the surface. It’s time to take it up a notch and reach Superhuman levels.

With 7 billion people and 324 million genetic variants, it is safe to say that no two people are genetically identical (yes, there are identical twins, but let’s not dwell on that). Simply put, we’re all different… so why do we all get the same treatments? The short answer is: we shouldn’t. It’s time to end the era of mass generalisation, and welcome the age of personalisation. That is why our approach, services, and products will be for you and only you. From testing, to analysis, to product creation. One person – one solution. One person – one product.

Our step N° 3 is all about understanding who we are via DNA and blood analyses & providing tailored solutions and products to unlock our Superhuman selves.

Start your superhuman transformation today, and visit our shop.

Our Promises & Values


We are more than a brand, we’re a lifestyle. Our products are not designed to sit in your cupboard and collect dust – frankly, they’re too good for that. They’re created to accompany you in your everyday adventures, through the good, the bad, and everything in-between. Whether you need a pick-me-up, a daily boost, an everyday routine, or just a really good rule to live your life by, our products are there for you.


We value the best. That’s why we have made sure to surround ourselves with the best people, create the best products, offer the best services, and discover the best solutions. Why? Because you deserve it. We take particular pride in our relentless pursuit of finding only the best ingredients. To that end, we have created a label for only the purest and highest quality ingredients sourced directly by us for you: PURE™. No more products with complex formulas and unnecessary fillers – we deserve better. That’s why we offer products that are simple, pure, and well… the best.


George Costanza, once said: You can’t stop modern science. Can’t stop it… no way, no how! And he was right. We are living in the most exciting times, with new advancements and research in the field of technology, science, and medicine, being made every day. We’re not doctors – we don’t focus on the concepts of the past. We’re engineers, entrepreneurs, and biohackers interested in the now and tomorrow! Our promise is to never settle in our quest to find the best solutions for you. We will do our research, we will perform proper due diligence, we will stay up to date with cutting-edge technologies, and one day maybe even contribute to the world of discoveries. So, join us in our mission to challenge the status quo and change the rules set out for us. After all, we have our own rules to live by.


They say that laughter is the best medicine… but we’re no doctors. All we know is that a complex formula of drive, passion, and a whole lot of laughter is all that’s required to enjoy life. We recommend you don’t take yourself too seriously, because we sure won’t. Together, we’ll joke, have fun and be daring. Because without a little sense of humour, are we even sure we want to live forever?


If we plan to live forever, or at the very least a bit longer, it makes sense to take care of our planet. We pledge that for every order you make, we will give something back to the planet. Our mission matters and so do our actions, so let’s plan ahead for the future we want.

It’s simple.

Be human to become Superhuman.

With love – your Superhuman team

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